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We are collaborating with online businesses in maintaining a healthy website and attaining growth using online channels, touching upon different aspects of their businesses. We help realize your goals via digital strategies and personalized implementations throughout the project.

Our tailored solutions specific to each business enable us to deepen our expertise in many fields. Some industries we love working with are:
team increasing revenue via organic traffic increase
digital marketing seo
e-commerce seo
publishing seo
fintech seo
travel seo
restaurant seo

Meet The Team

Begum Kaya | About

Begüm Kaya

Founder, Digital Solutions & SEO Consultant

Begum is an experienced SEO with the spirit of an entrepreneur. She started her career in an agency in Istanbul and now she’s providing digital solutions and consultancy for established companies in the USA, the UK, Indonesia and more with her team.

Her gratitude towards all of the women in WTS who made her transition possible and her business partners is reflected in her effort and relationships.